Typically, encampments move every three months. These locations are up to date as of time of printing. Call to confirm location. Call for eligibility, application and fees. Some require referral from an outreach team.


Seattle Locations: 

Central Seattle Nickelsville Union Tiny House Village, Church of the Good Shepherd 

P: (206) 601-0999

1419 22nd Ave.


Nickelsville Northlake

P: (206) 390-9292

3814 Fourth Ave. NE share/wheel


Tent City 3

Cherry Hill Baptist Church 

P: (206) 399-0412 share/wheel

700 22nd Ave.

Tent City 5

P: (206) 356-4484

1601 15th Ave. W., South Seattle


Nickelsville Othello Village

P: (425) 615-0800

7544 MLK Jr. Way S


Nickelsville Georgetown Tiny House Village

P: (206) 399-0733

1020 S Myrtle St.


Camp Second Chance

P: (206) 578-6551

9701 Myers Way S


Shoreline n Camp United We Stand, Dunstan’s Episcopal Church

P: (425) 616-8853

722 N 145th St.


Residents at sites below are placed by referral only through the City of Seattle’s Navigation Team:(206)379-7854

REACH: (206)715-4048

Georgetown Village:

P: (206) 399-0733

1020 S. Myrtle Street, Seattle

Licton Springs Village:

8620 Aurora Ave. N. Seattle 

Whittier Heights Village:

P: (206) 713-0062

8030 15th Ave NW 


True Hope Village:

P: (206) 247-9538

1714 E Yesler Way, Seattle, WA

Lake Union Village (LUV):

P: (206) 507-2475

800 Aloha St., Seattle, WA