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_______________________________________________________________________________________ FOB Hope is an organization that was created to help Veterans who are experiencing homelessness get off the street, get back on their feet, and focus on both personal and professional growth.



Phase One


Triage and initial evaluation phase:  This phase includes basic outreach and meeting Veterans experiencing homelessness where they are by providing basic items, information, and contact information for future support and assistance in changing their situation.


The follow up to this phase is to continue engaging the Veteran in order to ensure they can survive life on the street and to build trust so they will welcome the opportunity for change.


Phase Two


Intermediate phase:  This phase is where the Veteran relocates to either emergency or transitional housing and begins working on the barriers that keep them from being permanently housed.  The barriers may include drug and alcohol dependence, mental health challenges, and under or unemployment.


The follow up to this phase is to continue checking in with the Veteran to ensure they are progressing in the program they chose to help with recovery and/or secure employment.


Phase Three


Advanced phase:  This phase is where FOB Hope assists the Veteran with getting into permanent housing by referring them to Coordinated Entry for All and the Homeless Information Management System.


The follow up to this phase is to ensure the Veteran has the financial support needed to move into stable housing, the income to sustain housing, and the household items needed to live comfortably.

How you can help...

During the first phase of the outreach process we provide the Veteran with "emergency gear" to help them survive the outdoor PNW elements while waiting to get into shelter or more stable housing. You can help by visiting our Wish List below to see what items we need. If you purchase the items directly from the Wish List the items will be delivered to our office. 

For more information about our outreach program, please contact: 

Monique Brown 

Executive Director

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