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Late post, but important!

American Legion, Post 1 is Listening

     Forward Operating Base Hope (FOB Hope), “Beyond Incarceration for Women Veterans”, that was the topic of our November guest speaker, Tammy Creley, Director of Programs (FOB Hope South).  She discussed the need specific to the women Veterans who have been incarcerated, and are about to be released.  Simple things we all take for granted, like our picture ID card, the roof over our head, our mailing address, bank account, having employment, a network of support friends, and so forth, that are not fulfilled at the time of release.      This program with regular individual client contact, has several outlined stages, with mentoring and close support for the participants to help ensure their success..      Tammy is rallying support for the the program.  As she explained to us, the program is not new, but no state has fully embraced it, and she’s optimistic that Washington will become the first to be comprehensive and allow our formerly incarcerated Veterans to have the maximum opportunity for success after their release.  She can be reached at 253-732-2652; and their website is at . To learn more, click on the link: .

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