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Specialized strategy lowers number of homeless veterans in King County

The number of homeless veterans in King County is down 31% from last year, and a collaborative effort is credited to whittling that number down. The effort is called the "By-Name list." Around 15 state, federal, county, and non-profit groups are behind it.

Every Thursday, representatives from the groups meet to go over a list of homeless veterans' names. The names are ranked by need and then an individual strategy is created for that vet into transitional housing.

It's a system providers like Monique Brown say is working well.

"If we all work together, we can make a change and I think that's what happened."

Brown started her homeless outreach non-profit FOB Hope in 2015. She hands out supplies

to homeless vets while gaining their trust in case they open up to the idea of housing.

"It feels so good. It makes me feel like I have a mission, a purpose again," said Brown.

Brown was medically retired a few years ago. When she became a civilian, she says there was a void.

"Not even a month after I got out, (I experienced) depression. I started crying for a week," she said.

Now she's found a new mission to help vets like her end up in a better situation.

"At the very least, I want them to know that there are people out there trying to help."

King County's Coordinated Entry for All branch of its Housing and Community Development Office says that the hope is to expand this By-Name list strategy to the county's general homeless population. That depends on the amount of resources available.

This article was originally posted by King 5 News.

Check the article out here:

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