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Who is FOB Hope

FOB Hope: Empowering Veterans to Thrive and Drive Change

FOB Hope is an extraordinary nonprofit comprised of dedicated Veterans and compassionate civilians, united by a shared mission—to support our brothers and sisters in arms, ensuring their survival and empowering them to reclaim their place within thriving communities. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and a resolute determination to transform the landscape of Veteran support in King County, Pierce County, and across Washington State, we strive to redefine the notion of comprehensive care through the lens of social justice.

Recognizing that Veterans of Color, Women Veterans, and LGBTQ Veterans often face disproportionate hardships, our organization, led by a Black, Woman, Lesbian, and disabled Veteran executive director, places special emphasis on meeting the needs of these historically marginalized and underserved populations. We believe in lifting up those who have faced systemic oppression in the United States and ensuring their rightful care and inclusion. However,

we also serve all Veterans of the United States Military.

At FOB Hope, we wholeheartedly embrace the responsibilities entrusted to us by our partners, while also pursuing our own vision to safeguard Veterans' well-being as they await permanent housing solutions.


Through our esteemed Pathfinder Coordinator Position contract with King County, we not only coordinate training sessions, share best practices, and facilitate monthly meetings for the Pathfinder group, but we also engage in active outreach, providing Veterans with essential survival gear, toiletries, military surplus, and more. Our aim is to equip Veterans directly or distribute these items through Pathfinder/Navigator groups in King County, reaching Veterans they encounter along their journeys.

Additionally, FOB Hope proudly holds a contract with the City of Tacoma to operate a remarkable Veterans Village in Pierce County. Here, we offer emergency shelter to twenty Veterans and five spouses. However, shelter is merely the beginning. We provide our Veterans with other fundamental needs, including nourishing meals and invigorating showers.

Furthermore, our dedicated case managers guide Veterans in developing comprehensive housing plans, navigating disability claims, obtaining military documents, securing driver's licenses, and fulfilling any other crucial documentation requirements. We also assist Veterans in finding employment or increasing their income through VA pensions. Understanding the significance of camaraderie that Veterans cherish, we actively engage our Veterans in social events designed to foster connections and shared experiences.

Whom do we serve?

All Veterans who are currently living unsheltered in King and Pierce County, WA irrespective of their discharge status.

How do we serve?

FOB Hope conducts outreach services in King and Pierce Counties, deploying dedicated teams to seek out Veterans residing in uninhabitable conditions. Our approach revolves around meeting Veterans where they are, engaging in meaningful conversations to understand their immediate needs, and providing them with essential survival gear. Our well-equipped FOB Hope van travels with the most frequently requested items, ensuring prompt assistance. Uncommon item requests are fulfilled during subsequent encounters. During our initial engagement, we complete an intake process and, if desired by the Veteran, input their information into the Homeless Management Information System, safeguarding their journey towards stability.

At FOB Hope, we advocate for Veterans by cultivating knowledge and seeking understanding of the issues that impact them most profoundly. Housing, education, and employment top our list of priorities. However, our commitment extends further as we educate ourselves on social justice matters, such as racism and the systems that perpetuate oppression against people of color and other underserved communities.

We work collaboratively with numerous Veterans-serving organizations in King and Pierce Counties, continually nurturing existing partnerships and forging new alliances with those willing to roll up their sleeves and engage in the vital work required to end Veteran homelessness and uplift all Veterans in our community.

Together, let us forge a brighter future—a future where Veterans not only survive but thrive, where unity and justice guide our every action, and where no hero is left behind.




Our Team

Monique Brown

Founder / Executive Director

US Army Retired

Tammy Creley

Chief Operations Officer

US Army Spouse

Brent Pittman

Human Resource Specialist

Family Member, US Army

Jaquan Satchel

Assistant Site Manager, Veterans Village

Family Member, US Army

Nikki (2).jpg

Daphine Niquette

Case Manager

US Army Veteran

Marissa Halvorson

Case Manager

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