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Who is FOB Hope

FOB Hope is a nonprofit made up of Veterans who want to help their brothers and sisters to not only survive, but to return to a place where they can thrive in the community. We do this through innovative programs and the motivation to “move the needle” on how we help Veterans in King County, Pierce County, and in the State of Washington.  We also perform our mission through the lens of social justice.  We want to help all Veterans, but are acutely aware that Veterans of Color, Women Veterans, and LGBTQ Veterans are overrepresented and underserved populations in the community.  As an organization with a Black, Woman, Lesbian, disabled Veteran executive director, we want to ensure we take care of those who have continuously been oppressed in the United States. 


FOB Hope’s strategy encompasses the expectations set forth by those who contract them to do work on their behalf.  However, it also includes our vision to keep Veterans alive and healthy while waiting to gain emergency, transitional, or permanent housing. 


FOB Hope holds the contract for the Pathfinder Coordinator Position in King County.  In addition to coordinating training, best practices, and weekly meetings for the Pathfinder group, the organization performs outreach and provides Veterans with survival gear, toiletries, military surplus and more.  FOB Hope provides the items directly to the Veteran or to the Pathfinder/Navigator groups in King County for distribution to the Veterans they encounter. 


FOB Hope also holds a contract with the City of Tacoma for a Veterans Village in Pierce County.  We provide emergency shelter to twenty-five Veterans and five spouses.  Shelter is not the only service offered at the Village.  We provide the Veterans with other basic needs, such as food and hot showers.  Also, our case managers assist Veterans with housing plans, disability claims, military documents, driver’s licenses, and any other documentation needs.  We also assist Veterans with gaining employment or increasing their income through VA pensions. Additionally, we understand Veterans are accustomed to the camaraderie they had in the military.  We provide this concept of camaraderie by involving our Veterans in events where they can socialize and have fun. 


Who we serve:

All Veterans who are experiencing housing instability regardless of their discharge status. 


How we serve:

FOB Hope provides outreach services in King and Pierce Counties.  We deploy our outreach teams to find Veterans living in places not meant for habitation.  Our approach is to meet the Veteran where they are (literally), have a conversation about their needs, and provide them with the survival gear they need at that very moment.  We utilize our FOB Hope van to travel with the gear that is most often requested.  The item requests that are uncommon are provided during further encounters.  During this initial encounter, we also complete an intake and input the Veterans information into the Homeless Management Information System if this is what the Veteran desires.


FOB Hope fights for Veterans by remaining knowledgeable and gaining knowledge about the issues that affect them most.  Housing, education, and employment are atop our list of priorities.  However, we also fight by educating ourselves on social justice issues such as racism and systems in existence that were created to oppress people of color and other underserved populations. 


FOB Hope works in collaboration with several Veterans serving organizations in King and Pierce Counties.  We will continue to develop these relationships, as well as create new working relationships with those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work necessary to end Veteran homelessness and support all Veterans in the community. 

Our Team

Monique Brown

Founder / Executive Director

US Army Retired

Rebecca Murch

Chief Administrative Officer

US Navy

Brent Pittman

Human Resource Specialist

Family Member, US Army


Tammy Creley

FOB Hope's Veterans Village Site Manager

US Army Spouse

Jaquan Satchel

Veterans Village Administrative Assistant

Family Member, US Army

Nikki (2).jpg

Daphine Niquette

Case Manager

US Army Veteran

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