Our History

FOB Hope founder, Monique Brown, was performing outreach and realized Veterans who raised their right hand to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America are homeless and dying on the street.  These Veterans are dying because they don’t have the items necessary to keep them warm and healthy: sleeping bags, tents, jackets, clean dry socks, toiletries, etc.


Monique was devastated by the thought of anyone dying on the street, but could not understand how a Veteran could end up in this situation.   Being a Veteran herself, she could not stand by and watch this happen!  …And FOB Hope was born.  FOB Hope is committed to making sure Veterans stay safe until we can develop a relationship and build trust for the purpose of assisting them with getting them into an emergency shelter, transitional housing, or a permanent place to live.

"And FOB Hope was born"

Our Team

Monique Brown

FOB Hope Founder / Executive Director

US Army Retired


Tom Hove

Web Design & Social Media

US Navy

Julie Delos Santos

Board Chair

Murch (2).jpg

Rebecca Murch

Chief Operations Officer

US Navy

Levi Matthews

Chief Financial Officer

US Army

Nikki (2).jpg

Daphine Niquette

Program Manager, Development

US Army Veteran

 Tammy Creley 

Program Manager FOB Hope South

US Army Spouse 


Sharon Vinograd

Board Member


 Donetta French

 Board Secretary

US Army Retired

Brooksi Bottari

Board Member

US Army Veteran