Vision For The Future


The vision, of FOB HOPE, would be to eventually develop in a community of support. This community would consist of tiny homes, equipped with all the essentials, to include a bathroom, furniture, electricity, and a few of the ammentieis that make a house a home. In providing a home, to our Veterans in need, we would be helping to aid in their journey of healing their mind, body, and spirit. The community would be a place where resources, services, and support all come together, with the common goal of providing a successful beginning to those who have served.

(Tiny Home CONCEPT)

A Quick Look At What We Do

FOB Hope collects sleeping bags, tents, socks, toiletries, jackets, hats, gloves, and more to help these Veterans. Once donations are collected/received, FOB Hope conducts outreach and distributes the items to Veterans living under and on the side of the freeway, in the park, in tent cities, and in their cars.





C: 253.970.4431

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