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Eskimo Ice Fishing Shelter_edited_edited

We are excited to announce the opening of our first Veteran's Village in 2022.


Not sure if you have ever been in an insulated ice fishing shelter, but they are awesome! They provide plenty of space, but more importantly they provide shelter from the cold elements of the Pacific Northwest.  These shelters are insulated to maximize warmth AND the average height person can stand up in them!


This village will provide 24/7 security and house 25 Veterans who served in the United States Military.  Not only will we provide them with what those in the military call "three hots and a cot", we will also provide case management and assistance with getting into a permanent living situation.  Although, the Village will be temporary (18 months) we will diligently work to get the Veterans who pass through our gates on the road to a change for the better.

Temporary is not what FOB Hope wants to do, but we will begin here and learn what we can so we can create a permanent Village for Veterans to come to with the purpose of getting them into permanent housing.

FOB Hope wants to thank the City of Tacoma for approaching us with such a great opportunity!  


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